10 Reasons Why Families Love North Richland Hills TX

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Home buyers in Texas are flocking to the North Richland Hills area, and for good reason.

This suburb, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, features some key characteristics that make it attractive to families. There are ten reasons that North Richland Hills TX is such a growing area, and why Money Magazine hailed this small city as one of the best 100 places in the United States to live.

Let’s take a look at these ten points below so that you can start looking for a real estate agent in North Richland Hills that can show you some properties.

Ten Reasons That Families Love North Richland Hills TX

This small suburb has big city allure. No matter the ages of your household, you’ll enjoy these key reasons.

1. Water Parks Galore

North Richland Hills TX has emerged as a bit of a water park capital in recent years. Families and water parks go hand-in-hand, particularly during the summertime.

The city features the largest family water park in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At these water parks, you will have the opportunity to enjoy water slides, playground areas, and lazy rivers.

The water parks in the city are excellent for regular admission or children’s birthday parties. There are also water parks in the North Richland Hills TX area that feature things like beaches, body surfing, and rock climbing.

2. A Low Cost of Living

Since you’re checking out North Richland Hills TX as a place to live, you’ll be glad to know that it is one of the more inexpensive areas.

When it comes to cost of living variables like utilities, the housing index, health care and groceries, North Richland Hills ranks lower than the national average. This means that you’ll be able to land a great piece of property and will not have to pay a ridiculous amount of money in doing so.

People with families understand the importance of stretching a dollar, so having lower utilities and overall cost of living provide an excellent prospect.

Finding a real estate agent and comparing between multiple agencies will help you find the best property in the North Richland Hills TX area.

3. Plenty of Business and Career Opportunities

Simply put, North Richland Hills TX is ripe with opportunity when it comes to the areas of business and career.

This part of Texas features professionals in all walks of life, making it ideal for both young entrepreneurs on the climb and seasoned business professionals alike. The job market in and around the North Richland Hills TX is booming and continuously growing.

Some of the biggest industries in North Richland Hills TX include medical care, food production, and the automotive industry. The growth in these industries, along with a lower cost of living, makes this city an excellent option for any family.

4. Great For Nature Enthusiasts

Those who enjoy nature will get their fill in the North Richland Hills TX area. It has a little bit of everything for people looking to get a workout or just enjoy the scenery.

This portion of the Dallas-Forth Worth region alone has more than a whopping 800 acres of park land. The availability of this outdoor land gives you a chance to enjoy a nice jog, hike, tennis match, basketball game, fishing trip, canoe ride and any other activity you choose to take part in.

The overall health benefits of living with this level of outdoors life can’t be overstated.

People who live among nature have lower stress levels because fresh oxygen, sunshine, and scenery helps to lower cortisol levels in the body. You will also notice a reduction in your blood pressure, which is great for heart health and fighting depression.

More outdoor life means more opportunity for exercise as well. Exercise gets positive endorphins flowing through the body, increasing energy levels, making your brain work more productively and helping get rid of toxins.

When you have a family, you and your children will enjoy all of these health and well-being benefits, while also spending lots of quality time together.

5. No Shortage of Entertainment Options

North Richland Hills TX has you covered on the entertainment front.

Whether you want to hit one of many laser tag businesses, fencing lessons, theatre and movies, miniature golf or amusement parks, you’ll have plenty to do in this city.

Let’s also not forget the fact that North Richland Hills TX is just a half-hour drive from Dallas. This means that you’re only a half-hour away from Dallas Cowboys games at Jerry World, the Reunion Tower, the Dallas World Aquarium and lots of art galleries and museums.

There’s something for the entire family in this regard, which is why so many families are deciding to make this move.

6. A Booming Housing Market

If a glimpse at real estate agent listings in North Richland Hills TX are any indication, the housing market is alive and well in this city.

With the click of a mouse, you’ll have access to houses of all price ranges and types, with lots of sprawling square footage available. You’ll get great deals compared to housing markets in other states and cities.

For instance, you might put in an offer on a 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom North Richland Hills TX home with about 4,000 square feet for less than $700,000. This sort of price point is virtually unheard of in other states.

By getting access to great realtors, you’ll get a clear indication of how many housing opportunities there are in this city. Whether you’re just starting your family or looking to finally purchase your dream home, North Richland Hills is an excellent place to look.

The real estate in this city is stunning and there are more single family home developments popping up regularly. This bit of information makes it easier for you to land the house that suits you best.

7. Excellent Opportunities For Young Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts

If you have a family of sports nuts or budding athletes, you’ll be glad to move to the North Richland Hills area.

Many middle and high schools have plenty of space for their football, baseball and soccer fields. This gives your child access to public schools that can best develop their skills at their chosen sport.

Aside from public school systems, rec leagues, tournaments and clinics are alive and well in this city, thanks in part to the Nytex Sports Complex. This complex features year round sports for spectators and participants alike.

The facility features a public skating rink, ice hockey, and other indoor sports. In addition to paying your money on a family outing to watch pro and semi-pro athletes, kids can take part in clinics to build their skills.

For instance, you can watch the Derby Devils roller derby team April through September, and sign your child up for hockey camp to learn the fundamentals.

With these sorts of opportunities, the sports enthusiasts in your household will enjoy themselves thoroughly.

8. A Fun, Growing Area For People of All Ages and Demos

The beauty of this area is that it is consistently on the rise. You will find neighbors of all ages and backgrounds in North Richland Hills and can experience different cultures and interests.

The median age in North Richland Hills TX is slightly older than 36, making it a younger area than the national average. This section of the state features a 60 percent married population, which is also excellent for family oriented people interested in moving.

North Richland Hills has a significant Spanish speaking population as well.

Since North Richland Hills is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can count on experiencing this growth in the surrounding area as well.

For instance, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is at the very top of the list when it comes to population growth in the United States. By moving to the area, you’re getting in on the ground floor of a city that will continuously transform and evolve by leaps and bounds over the next 50 years.

9. Lots of Dining and Nightlife Options

Anytime you want to grab a bite to eat in this city, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you want to enjoy some savory Texas BBQ or a nice vegan meal at an upscale restaurant, this area is ripe with opportunity. Taking your family out for dinner is one of the most enjoyable experiences a parent can have.

Because you have plenty of options in choosing restaurants, it’ll be a fun challenge to branch out and find new flavors. You can mix it up by also taking turns giving everyone in the house a choice of which restaurant they’d like to enjoy.

By making these dining outings a family tradition, you’ll build bonds and start creating plenty of memories once you move to the area.

10. Plenty of Education

Finally, education is key if you’re raising a family.

Whether you want your children to get a head start on their education, or continue your own education with a higher level degree, you’ll have some great institutions to choose between.

If your kids are of public school age, they’ll be attending schools within the Birdville Independent School District. This school district features more than 30 different schools from preschool to high school.

Some of the schools that your child can attend in North Richland Hills include Jack C. Binion, Birdville and Foster Village Elementary schools, Haltom, North Richland and Richland Middle schools and Shannon, Richland and Haltom High schools.

There are also numerous private schools you can enroll your child in as well, including North Park Christian Academy and Forth Worth Christian.

In terms of higher education, you can ramp up credits at Tarrant County College, or attend schools in the surrounding area — including Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, Texas Woman’s University and various University of Texas satellites.

So whether you want your kids on the right track or want to add some degree credits, this city has everything your family could need.

Find Out For Yourself If This Area is For You

Taking in these points is one thing, but you’ll also need to apply this information and figure out if you’d like to move to North Richland Hills.

Following these tips will help you make the right decision for you and your family:

1. Plan an Informal Trip

Getting boots on the ground is the best way to feel out the city.

Rather than just planning a stressful house hunting trip, bring the family out for a mini research vacation. You can drive through prospective neighborhoods and view houses, while also checking out attractions and figuring out if everyone will enjoy the new area.

2. Take a Long Term Approach

If you’re thinking about moving to the North Richland Hills area, make sure that you’re planning for growth and not just current circumstances.

When viewing houses, think about your kid’s needs as they become teenagers and as you and your spouse become empty nesters. These things may seem far off, but setting the right foundation makes sure you’ll be prepared when these life changes happen.

Plus, you never know if a brand new bundle of joy may come along, so consider all factors and changes that you can foresee.

3. Find a Real Estate Agent That You Feel Comfortable With

Half the battle to finding a great house in the North Richland Hills is finding a real estate professional.

Reaching out to an agent that has listings throughout this area will make your life much easier when it’s time to house hunt. For best results, contact an agent that is web, social media and communication savvy, so that you can make plans and set up visits from out of town.

The more work your agent is able to handle for you, the smoother this process will be.

So if these points sound great to you, you’re only a few steps from continuing your house hunt in the North Richland Hills area. Follow these words of advice and contact a real estate agent that can make these dreams come true.

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