5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Fixer Upper in Fort Worth

fixer upperIt’s all the rage to buy a fixer upper because you’re getting a good deal and the ability to flex your creativity with renovations.

HGTV shows like Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop have inspired many to forgo on the move-in ready homes. A bit of new paint, features, and design lets you create a dream home on a budget.

The Fort Worth area is booming for those seeking this opportunity.

Our bustling city of 854k+ inhabitants is enjoying a prime housing market. We’d love to see you join our community!

Fort Worth and a Fixer Upper: 5 Reasons to Invest

The median home price in the United States is $188,900. This investment can get you a small flat in NYC to a multi-story house on acreage out west.

Fort Worth leans toward a seller’s market. It places prices slightly higher with a median list of $235,375. Yet, you’ll find fixer uppers valued tens of thousands below market price!

What would compel you to invest in Fort Worth? Check out these reasons:

1. Things to Do

Our city has it all from a plethora of museums to incredible shopping. A mix of attractions and educational options to wonderful weather and small-town feeling.

The money saved after renovations will let you wine and dine the town with options like Thai, BBQ, Tex Mex, Italian, and even Mediterranean.

Got kids? They’ll love the theme parks, aquariums, zoo, and parks.

The Fort Worth area is family-friendly but still offers a wild side when you and the SO want to get out and about.

2. It’s a Hot Market

Ten-X Research, a real estate market firm, places the Fort Worth area as #2 in the hottest home markets. A conclusion based on the single-family market value and future expectations.

The Fort Worth area has seen a 3.4% growth in home sales.

A strong economic forecast and job diversity are two reasons Ten-X Research is recommending our lovely city.

3. Prime Weather

Disruptions to renovations caused by weather are costly due to extended work days and rescheduling.

We have an annual average temperature of 76.7? and typical clear & sunny skies. Our nice weather rarely stops projects.

4. No State Income Tax

Expect a franchise tax if you’re operating a business.

The current market value determines your property taxes though there are plenty of property tax exemptions.

Having no state income tax allows you extra money for the renovation budget or paying off the mortgage faster. Effectively increasing the value of the home as you ride the housing market rises.

5. Travel Boom

Fort Worth’s continual placement on travel lists is helping to send millions to the area every year. 8.8 million visited the area last year and we’re expecting more!

A fixer upper turned AirBnB accommodation could net you $35-$85+ a night according to listings on the site. There’s plenty to do in Fort Worth which makes it an easy selling point for those scoping the listings.

Go In Strong

The low prices and incredible atmosphere make the Fort Worth housing market an incredible opportunity.

Go in strong by working with a local Fort Worth professional. We’re here to help you find a home you can call your own. At the best price.

It’ll need some elbow grease but that’s the allure of a fixer upper.

Let's Get Moving!