Why You Should Request a Property Valuation Report When Selling Your Home

property valuation reportproperty valuation reportYou don’t want to sell your house for less than its full value. You also don’t want to list it at a price so high that it’ll be ignored.

The key to selling your house quickly is setting a realistic selling price that’s attractive to the market and other buyers. Getting a property valuation report is the best way to do this.

Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Get the Best Price for the Least Cost

As a seller, if you initially advertise a price that’s too high you’ll lower your chances for a fast sale. When that happens, your property stays on the market too long and becomes stale.

This is a problem you don’t want to face.

When you set a realistic initial price, you’ll increase your chances of getting that price and closing the sale in a prompt fashion.

You have exactly one chance to properly price your home the first time. You don’t want to get it wrong.

In addition, setting the right price can save you on realtor commissions when the sale is made.

If you’re selling on your own, selling faster will decrease your personal marketing costs on things like websites, flyers and open houses.

Setting the Right Price Increases Competition

When you get your property valuation report, you’ll know your starting point. By setting the right starting point, you could be flooded with interested buyers.

When that happens, they’ll compete against each other and potentially drive the price of your home up.

Think of it this way: you’re Holiday shopping for your child and there’s only one of his favorite toy left to buy. However, there are 6 of you all standing there who want to buy it.

If possible, wouldn’t you gladly spend $10 more to secure the toy and bring joy to your child?

The same thing happens in real estate. When multiple buyers fall in love with the same property, chances are at least one of them will put in an offer that exceeds your asking price.

However, if you out-priced the market from the start, none of those people would have even shown up to look.

A Property Valuation Report Will Keep You From Emotionally Pricing Your Property

Most of us who’ve owned homes have developed at least some emotional attachment to them.

When it comes time to sell, sellers over-price properties because of these feelings.

Setting the price of a property can’t have anything to do with emotions. It must be done as scientifically as possible.

If you find yourself over-valuing the property you’re looking to sell because you’re emotionally attached to it, it might not be the right time to sell.

Additional Benefits of a Valuation

In addition to providing the best sale price, a property valuation will help you:

  1. Know exactly where you stand in the market
  2. Act decisively when a good offer is presented
  3. Get an expert on your side
  4. Have a negotiating tool that can’t be dismissed

When it comes to getting the sale done, a valuation is a step that can’t be ignored.

Find the Right Buyer

As you can see, a property valuation report is a no-brainer before you list your home for sale.

When your valuation is complete and it’s time find the right buyer, then it’s time to get in touch.

The market is booming in North Texas. Get a professional realtor to help you maximize your sale.

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