Top 5 Reasons to Consider Buying Westlake Real Estate

Westlake real estateWith rents steadily rising in the metropolitan Dallas/Fort Worth area, finding a house in one of the nearby towns can be a smarter investment than renting. If you’re thinking about buying a home, Westlake real estate is one of the best choices for homebuyers.

Westlake is a beautiful community filled with rolling hills, halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth. They’ve got high-performing schools, upscale restaurants, and enough outdoor recreational options to keep you busy for years to come.

If you’re considering investing in Westlake real estate for the first time, here are five reasons why you should make a move soon.

1. New Developments, Great Prices

In the last couple of years, lots of businesses and housing developments have popped up in Westlake, Texas. There are big developments near the intersection of Highway 114 and Davis Blvd., allowing access to everywhere you need to be within a few minutes drive.

Aside from luxurious developments, there are plenty of mid-sized family homes being built all over the town. Take a break at one of the many new luxury retailers or a walk around the lake.

2. Shopping and Recreation

Just a short drive from Westlake is the Southlake Town Square which has 130 acres of shopping and entertainment out in the open air.

At the Town Square, you’ll find shopping, dozens of restaurants, and some of the most luxurious green space in the region. The Town Square is also where you’ll find beer tastings, holiday events, and, every New Year’s, an annual birthday celebration for the Square.

There’s something for everyone, almost every week of the year. Watch their calendar for more info.

3. Office Space

If you’re looking for office space for your firm or you’re looking for a new gig in Westlake, Texas, take a look at Solana. For over 30 years, this office park has been a modern mecca of Texas office space.

They offer a great work and life balance with jogging trails and plenty of green space to walk. You could hold meetings or take interviews in the luscious outdoor space, making everyone feel relaxed during their workday.

With plenty of conference spaces and dining options, it could be your home away from home.

4. A Strong Community

The Westlake town council works hard to balance the beauty of the outdoors with the expansion of the suburban landscape.

Lots of people work and live in the city while plenty of others commute to one of the two major cities. The things they all have in common are a concern for ethical development of the area, an interconnected community, and government transparency.

5. Great Schools

The area’s own Westlake Academy is a great school that prepares its students for college success. They provide an internationally recognized standard of academic education, preparing students to take on any challenges that come their way.

Westlake Real Estate Is A Perfect Investment

Whether you’re looking for a family home or a part-time residence, Westlake is a great option for your next home purchase.

If you’re still trying to figure out if Westlake is a good move for you, check out which properties are currently available and imagine yourself in one of them today.

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