Top 5 Staging Techniques for Your Home in Fort Worth, TX

staging techniquesOver 5.7 million homes are expected to be sold in 2018.

That’s a lot of competition if you’re thinking about selling your home! One way to be a step above the others is to have a perfectly staged home.

Ready to get your home in shape for the market but unsure where to start? Keep reading for five of the top staging techniques that will bring in your perfect offer.

1. Declutter

Step one when preparing your home for sale should always be to declutter.

It’s simple. The fewer items you have in the home, the bigger the home feels. Bigger homes will always strongly appeal to buyers.

Don’t get overwhelmed trying to declutter everything at once. First, clear off surfaces like counters in the kitchen and bathrooms. Put away as many appliances as you can to highlight counter space.

Be sure to give some attention to any bookshelves that are very full. Leave only about a third of each shelf full. Pack up extra clothing and organize what remains by color.

Clear away children’s toys before each showing. A storage unit can be a helpful asset while selling your home.

2. Cover Old or Bold Furniture

When it comes to staging techniques, neutralizing your home is another great option. This helps potential buyers not to get distracted by colorful or patterned furniture.

By neutralizing your home, buyers will be able to visualize themselves living there. Buy some slipcovers for your couches or chairs.

Don’t forget about your windows. Use neutral colors with subtle patterns. Thin rods help make ceilings look higher.

3. Depersonalize

Just like covering furniture that would only suit one particular taste, remove as many personal items as you can when preparing your home for viewings.

If you have numerous pictures of you and your family, the buyer will have trouble picturing themselves in the house.

Pack away the photos and stick to neutral nature scenes for artwork.

4. Repair What You Can

If you’re mindful of which remodeling projects tend to pay off (and which ones don’t), you might feel like you don’t need to do any extra work to your home.

This isn’t quite true. You should fix any holes in the walls and make sure there are no burnt out light bulbs.

Clean your yard and work to improve your curb appeal. This can be done with a fresh mow and some colorful flowers or plants.

These small things will show potential buyers that the home was well cared for.

5. Get Cleaning

Finally, when prepping your home to go on the market, it’s important to clean. No buyer will be eager to make an offer on a home that is dirty!

Pay close attention to kitchens and bathrooms. These two rooms seem to be strong selling factors for buyers.

Get Started with These Staging Techniques

Now you know the top five ways to stage your home.

With these tips, your home will be loved by every potential buyer that walks through.

Have some more questions about staging or selling your home? Reach out and let us help you today!

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